So You Think You Can LEAD
 An interdisciplinary, multi-media workshop that will engage and entertain your team as they gain critical leadership insights!

SYTYC LEAD is led by Dr. Edy Greenblatt and the Leaping Leaders

Dr Edy Greenblatt is master trainer, consultant and executive coach specializing in leadership, team effectiveness, and work/life balance.  She has worked as an Organization Practice Specialist for McKinsey & Co, and served on the faculty of USC Marshall School of Business and currently teaches at the Center for Creative Leadership.  Dr. Edy  received her Joint Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Harvard Business School and Harvard University.  Previously, Dr. Greenblatt was a world dance scholar and professional.  She received her Master's in Dance Ethnology at UCLA and served on the faculty of the World Arts and Cultures and Dance Department.  Click here for more biographical information.

The Leaping Leaders are a team of  managers, leaders and entrepreneurs from healthcare, fashion, real estate and education who are also masters of various world dance forms. 
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